Reminder: Ongoing Training Sessions Available

The UTD eLearning training team is offering training sessions this summer on a variety of topics, including:

  • Course building (New!)
  • Lecture delivery and recording using Microsoft Teams (New!)
  • Online tests

Visit our website for more information on available trainings, dates, and how to join.

Register for the Upcoming Bb World Conference

This year, the annual Bb (Blackboard) World conference will be held virtually and offered for free to attendees. The conference features workshops related to teaching, distance education, engagement, and more. A list of workshops and speakers can be found on the Bb World website.

The conference will be held from July 21 to July 22. Register for the conference here.

LockDown Browser and Academic Dishonesty (Summer 2020)

The eLearning team is recommending against the use of the Respondus LockDown Browser for this Summer semester for the two reasons listed below:

  • Without proctoring, it is often ineffective. LockDown Browser only prevents students from opening files and windows on the device where it is installed, but it would not be difficult for students to pull up information on their phone or separate device. Proctoring would help prevent this, but such services are not available at this time.
  • The tool is not universally available. LockDown Browser is available on Windows and Mac devices, but it is not immediately available on computers running Linux or ChromeOS. While the number of users running operating systems other than Windows or Mac is low, there may still be undue burden on students, especially without full access to places like UTD computer labs.

Please note that the tool is still available within eLearning for those who feel that it is necessary to use, but please be aware of the points listed above.

What can faculty do to prevent academic dishonesty?

Faculty can set up their exams to make it more difficult for students to be academically dishonest. Our Rapid Remote Resources page has more information on setting up online exams.

We remind faculty that cheating cannot be fully and totally prevented at this time. As mentioned above, even requiring LockDown Browser does not guarantee that academic dishonesty will not occur. For questions or consultation, please contact

Resources, Tutorials, and Training

The eLearning website contains resources and information that can aid faculty in their online instruction. Below are three pages from our website that faculty may find useful.

Rapid Remote Resources

Our Rapid Remote Resources page was developed to aid faculty with their transition to online instruction. It offers steps on moving your course online as well as some best practices when conducting your course.

Tutorials & Handouts

Our Tutorials and Handouts page offers videos and handouts on common eLearning topics such as creating a discussion forum and grading assignments. There are also three pre-recorded training sessions available for faculty to view: Getting Started to eLearning, Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing, and Online Tests. These three sessions were recorded during the spring semester to assist with the sudden transition to online learning.

Our YouTube channel also features tutorials on many eLearning tasks.

Training & Support

If you need training for an eLearning-related topic, please visit our training page. You will find ongoing training sessions as well as a form for special training should you need it.

As always, you can email with any of your eLearning-related questions.

Adding Users to Your Course

This post will go over some important information regarding adding users into eLearning courses.

Adding Users

Faculty can request that users in specific roles (e.g. Grader, Course Builder) can be added to their courses by filling out the form found here. (The form can also be found at the bottom of your eLearning page.) To avoid delays, please ensure that the information in the form is correct.

Please note that your users will need to complete FERPA training prior to their addition in a course. If they do not have FERPA training, we will request that they complete it.

Once you submit your request (and FERPA training is confirmed), the eLearning team will ask the Registrar for review and approval. This process can take several business days.

(Please note: In the near future, this Add User process will be updated and become more streamlined. This new process will be similar to the Teaching Assistant process explained below. We will let the UTD community know when we have more information.)

Teaching Assistants

To add Teaching Assistants (TAs), faculty will need to follow the instructions for adding users through Galaxy. A link to these instructions can be found here as well as the bottom of your eLearning page.

Please note that eLearning does not add Teaching Assistants to courses. If you have any questions or run into any issues with adding your TAs, you will need to contact for assistance.

Adding Instructors

eLearning does not add instructors to courses. If you are supposed to teach a course this upcoming semester but do not see it in your schedule, please contact your department for assistance

Shells for Course Development

Some faculty are already planning and preparing for the Fall 2020 semester and have requested access to the shells for their Fall courses. While the shells for Fall 2020 courses won’t be made available until midway through the Summer 2020 semester, the eLearning team can provide faculty with development shells so that they may get started on their course development. Development shells look and function like regular eLearning courses, but only the requesting faculty have access to it.

To request a development shell, please email with the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your Net ID
  • The name and number of the course in question

Once you are satisfied with your development shell, you can copy the shell into the live course when it is made available.

eLearning Training & Open Labs

Starting today (03/17), the following training sessions will be offered by the eLearning team every weekday. Sessions are open to all faculty, staff and TA/ RAs. No registration required. You can attend in-person or remotely.


Getting Started with eLearning – 1 hour

Every Weekday

10am – 11am

JSOM 1.118 (Davidson Auditorium)

(If attending remotely, use this link to join:


Blackboard Collaborate Web conferencing – 1 hour

Every Weekday

1pm – 2pm

JSOM 1.118 (Davidson Auditorium)

(If attending remotely, use this link to join:


Online Tests – 1 hour

Every Weekday

3pm – 4pm

JSOM 1.118 (Davidson Auditorium)

(If attending remotely, use this link to join:


If you need training on any other topic than listed above, please fill out the SPECIAL TRAINING REQUEST FORM and we will contact you to set up a session.


Open Labs:

If you need hands on assistance with eLearning tools, please stop by the eLearning Open Lab. No registration required. You can bring your own device or use a lab computer.

Monday through Friday

10am to 4pm

JSOM 1.211 (across from coffee shop)


If you have any questions please email

Recording of March 11 Blackboard Collaborate training session now available

If you missed the March 11 Blackboard Collaborate training session (or if you would like to go over some of the information covered), you can now watch the recording by clicking this link.

Our training team is also working on a short video tutorial that covers the same instructions. That video will be posted to our Tutorials page and to our YouTube Playlist of Blackboard Collaborate Tutorials soon.

Please email with any questions.

Upcoming Training Sessions

Upcoming Trainings

The eLearning team is offering 8 training workshops (1 hour each) over the next 3 weeks. The sessions are open to all faculty, staff and TA/RAs. No registration is required.

Getting Started with eLearning – 1 hour

This session provides an overview of eLearning, including system interface and navigation, content creation and management tools, student communication tools, and Grade Center.

Date Time Location
Tuesday 03/10 11am – noon JSOM 1.517
Tuesday 03/10 1pm – 2pm JSOM 1.517
Tuesday 03/24 11am – noon JSOM 1.517
Tuesday 03/24 1pm – 2pm JSOM 1.517

Web conferencing – 1 hour

This session will demonstrate how to use Blackboard Collaborate Ultra to conduct a synchronous virtual class, take attendance, lecture using whiteboard and PowerPoint slides and take questions from students. Participants will also learn how to use web conferencing to record a lecture and make it available to students.

Date Time Location
Wednesday 03/11 11am – noon JSOM 2.116
Wednesday 03/11 1pm – 2pm JSOM 2.116
Wednesday 03/25 11am – noon JSOM 2.116
Wednesday 03/25 1pm – 2pm JSOM 2.116

More training information and resources can be found on the Educational Technology Services website.

Need eLearning help? Drop by our open labs!

Need help with eLearning or other educational technology tools? The eLearning team hosts weekly open labs to provide hands-on assistance with a variety of topics. You don’t need to register or make an appointment for either the in-person or online open lab – Just stop by during lab hours and receive assistance from a member of the eLearning team!

We host an in-person lab every Friday from 10:00 AM – noon at JSOM 2.224. You can walk in during lab hours and receive help from a member of the eLearning team. You can use a lab computer or bring your own device.

We also host a virtual/online lab to assist those who are off-campus or unable to come to the in-person Friday lab. The online lab is held every Wednesday from 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM via WebEx. To receive assistance, you will need to use a desktop/laptop and join the WebEx session during lab hours. The instructions can be found below.

To log in to the open lab:

  • Visit our WebEx page.
  • Enter your name and UTD email.
  • Enter the password: elearning
  • Click “Join Now”.
  • Follow the instructions on your screen. Once you join, an eLearning team member will assist you.

Here’s a short video that tells you more:

For any questions, please contact