Registration has begun!

Hi! Registration for the Summer 2007 and Fall 2007 semesters has started. If you would like to register for your courses, please send an email to Make sure to send the request from your UTD email account. I will not be able to process your request if it does not come from your UTD email account. Please look at the Academic Calendar for deadlines related to registration.


3 Responses to Registration has begun!

  1. Bradley Schwarz says:

    Hi Corina,

    Is there a common or suggested order to take the GMBA core courses. I know that there are prereqs for some courses and and I realize that one needs to take the prereqs before taking that course, but I was wondering if there is a suggested order for the core classes in general. Also, do all of the core courses have to be completed before you can take an elective course? Thanks, Brad.

  2. Corina says:

    Hi Brad,

    No, there is actually no common or suggested order to take the core courses. My only suggestion is to leave FIN 6301 and BPS 6310 toward the end because those are the ones with the most prerequisites. Other than that, you are free to start with any course. You do not need to complete your core before starting with your electives. I would suggest, though, not to leave the core to the very end of the program.

  3. Bradley Schwarz says:

    Thanks Corina. I love how quickly you’ve answered all of my questions. Thank you for being so involved. It’s comforting to know that a question will be quickly answered…..especially in an online program such as the GMBA. Thanks again. Brad.

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