Issues with quizzes/exams in WebCT

Hi Folks. As you guys begin taking your first quizzes and exams in your online courses, I just want to remind you of a known glitch with WebCT. We’ve had students report that their exams or quizzes do not completely load. (I.e. you’ll see the first 35 out of 40 questions.) This problem occurs randomly — not everyone taking the same exam/quiz experiences the problem, and it occurs across courses.

WebCT is working on the issue, but they do not yet have a fix. The way that we’ve found that helps students in this situation is to save all the answers you have so far, completely close your browser (including all other instances of your browser you have open), reopen the brower and log back in to WebCT and continue your exam. Unfortunately, this process does count against your time during the exam, so keep that in mind.

This being said, however, please go ahead and report to us whenever you experience this problem. This will help us keep WebCT actively working on this. Thanks, and let us know if you have any questions.


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