WebCT Possible Interruption Today at 5:15pm CST

We just received the following from our network administrators:

The HTTP load balancers, which serve WebCT as well as general web traffic for http://www.utdallas.edu, netid.utdallas.edu, etc, have become unstable and need to be restarted at 5:15pm CDT, 10 September 2007. This may cause an interruption for web services, including WebCT, but is expected to last less than 5 minutes.

This should fix the issues some of you have been experiencing in which you get the “system exception” error when trying to access your WebCT courses. Please contact GMBA Support if you have any questions.

(6:19pm CST) Update: Just received the following update from our admins:

I believe we have resolved the problem that was causing sporadic System Exceptions over the course of Sunday, September 9th, and Monday, September 10th. You should be able to log in and use WebCT as usual now. If you experience further problems, please be sure to include the following information in trouble reports:

Your netid
Time of error
Error message
Action that led to error (logging in, clicking on Quiz 1, etc.) Course affected by error, if applicable, including section number

We apologize for the inconvenience caused, and thank you for your understanding and patience.


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