Scantrons and Proctored Exams

Greetings folks! Now is a good time to check and see if your proctored final exam (if your course is actually having a proctored final) requires a Scantron. If so, the best place (that I’ve found) to successfully find these are at college/university bookstores. Sometimes you’ll find them at your local stores (i.e. Walmart, Albertsons, etc.) but it’s not consistent. Scantrons are also available online through the UTD Bookstore.



2 Responses to Scantrons and Proctored Exams

  1. i really need 99 of them

  2. cubie4 says:

    Amore Crowder,
    You may order Scantrons from the UTD Bookstore. This is a very old blog (from 2007) and Scantron 882 ES is no longer being used for exams. Professors are requiring students use Scantron 882-E.

    Should you have any questions, please contact

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