WebCT Issues

We are hearing from faculty and students (and we ourselves have found) that WebCT is experiencing issues this morning. People are trying to load their course lists, but it does not pull up. (We have heard of some other issues that might be related as well — problems uploading files if you are able to get into WebCT, and getting “access has been denied” errors when trying to access a specific course.) We’ve contacted the WebCT admins in Info Resources, and they’re looking into the issue. We’ll post updates here as we get them.

Update (1/7, 3:10pm): IR has opened a ticket with Blackboard/WebCT. They’re working to solve this problem ASAP.

Update (1/7, 6:50pm): The WebCT server was rebooted at around 5:50pm, and things seem to be better. Most of us are now able to log in and access our course lists. If you’re still experiencing problems, however, please be sure and email us.

Update (1/7, 7:08pm): Unfortunately, it seems that we spoke to soon. Server issues still exist. IR is still working with Blackboard/WebCT on this. We’ll post any updates we receive. (FYI — IR also has a page where they post updates on outages.)

Update (1/8, 3:10pm): The IR Outage Updates page is reporting that they have a potential fix. They’re in the process of rebooting the WebCT server in order to implement this fix.

Update (1/8, 6:10pm): Unfortunately, the earlier attempt to fix the WebCT issues we’re seeing did not help. We’ve been assured by IR that they will be working through the night to get this resolved. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.

Update (1/9, 9:10am): Please visit the IR Outage Updates page for further updates to this situation. Thanks.


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