Problems with lecture audios

Camtasia Studio Flash content (the format used for our streaming lectures in our online courses) playing on the latest release of the Flash Player (v9.0.115.0) may cause audio to sound garbled and/or contain a high pitched chirp, described as sounding like a chipmunk. Flash Players prior to did not exhibit this problem. We contacted the Adobe Flash Player TechSupport team, who was very helpful and responsive. They confirmed the bug and escalated it to their engineering team. We’re hopeful that Adobe will be able to add a fix to a future version of the Flash Player.

To address this issue in the short term, here are some suggestions:

  1. Do not update to the most current Flash Player
  2. If you have the most recent version of Flash and you are encountering this problem, access the lectures via the “Optional Downloads” link in your course. This link contains downloadable versions (PowerPoint presentations and mp3 audio files) of the Flash lectures.

We will keep you updated on the issue.


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