Proctored Exam Procedures

If you will be taking a proctored exam for one of your courses this semester, please fill out the proctored exam form (located on our information page: For most classes, the deadline has already passed; however, we are still accepting forms. If you have not turned your form in yet, please do so soon.

Once your proctored exam has been scheduled, please check with your testing center at least two days before your exam, so that we can troubleshoot if they have any trouble accessing the file.

Finally, please remember that proctored exams must be returned to UTD both by fax and mail. It is important that the exam is faxed, so that we have a backup in case the original is lost in the mail.

The deadline for returning the exams to UTD (the last day of the proctored exam window for your course) refers to the date by which we must receive the faxed copy — you do not need to express ship the original so that we receive it by that date.

If you have any questions about the proctored exam procedures, please email the e-learning team at


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