Safari 4 Issues in WebCT CE/Vista 8.0


The recently released Safari 4 web browser has some compatibility issues with the current WebCT CE/Vista 8.0 version. It’s recommended that users should not use Safari 4 to access WebCT at the moment. Please see below a list of issues:

1) Full course menu icons do not display.  Only smaller icons.

2) HTML Editor doesn’t load and provides error message “You are using an unsupported browser. Please contact your system administrator. ”

3) Chat applet does not load.  Error message is “Session has expired.  Close the program and log in again.” 

4) Incorrect version displayed in Browser Checker pop-up for Safari 4.  (Safari 3.0.x version is displayed.) 

These issues will be getting resolved in a future hot fixor service pack of WebCT system. But for now, please use another browser to access WebCT.


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