Tips on taking online exams


Some students experienced a few issues while taking the online exams in the past.  I would like to clarify and share the following with everyone:

Saving answers: We strongly recommend saving each answer immediately (click Save button below each question) after you make the selection or enter your answers. You will still be  able to reselect an aswner and save it again later on if your time allows. Don’t wait till the end trying to save all questions at the same time. You risk being timed out for keeping idle for too long and also risk running out of the time at the end of the exam without being able to save the answers you’ve already selected. When exam time expires, you CAN’T SAVE any answers you’ve selected. You may still be able to click answer choices or type in the answer boxes, however those will not be saved if your exam time has expired. You will be able to submit your exam as it is without being able to save any changes or any new answers. So watch your exam clock very closely and be sure to save your answers on time.

Copy and Paste: For the essay type of questions, please directly type into the answer box and save periodically as you go.  If you need to work on Word or Notepad first, you will be able to do Copy and Paste. Please use keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl +C and Ctrl +V on PCs) to do that.

Backspace Key Issue Using Internet Explorer:  if one uses IE to access the test and presses the Backspace key on the keyboard during the test, the right side frame of the quiz page showing the answer submissions could become frozen and showing ‘Webpage has expired’ error message. The answers can’t be saved and submitted. When that happens, the work around is “right click Refresh” the right frame window, and that can get the quiz answer information frame back.

Course Access:  When you take an online exam, it may also help to directly login to the course at, instead of accessing course through UTD Galaxy to avoid possible Galaxy time out issue.

Browser and other technical issues:  Be sure you run through browser check to validate your browser and with only one correct version of Java installed.  IE7 in general may have some issues and we recommend using FireFox 3.5 for the current version of the UTD eLearning system. Please see the Check Browser link at the eLearning login page and also see the course Getting Started page for more information. For any technical assistance, you can reach 24/7 UTD eLearning Support.

Hope these tips may help in your coming online exams. Please email if you have any questions.


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