Registering Fall 2009 GMBA Online Courses


Fall 2009 semester is starting in just a few weeks. If you haven’t registered for our online courses yet, please send in your registration request to right now before the courses get full!

The Global MBA program is offering more than 20 online courses in Fall 2009. Here are just a few of interesting online courses available for you to consider while you’re registering for Fall 2009.

FIN 6310.0G1, Investment Management, by Dr. Ted Day

The course examines a range of issues concerning the management of investment portfolios. The course objective is to provide an understanding of the role of modern financial theory in portfolio management and to present a framework for addressing current issues in the management of financial assets. The concepts and techniques examined are also useful in financial planning and personal investment decisions.

IMS 6320.0G1, International Corporate Finance, by Dr. Jonathan Hochberg

The global business environment is such that managers with international know-how will be invaluable to their organizations. Knowledge of international financial issues is expansive and varies from hedging profits in a foreign currency to protecting against foreign exchange exposure. In this course students will learn how to deal with issues faced by managers operating in the global financial markets. The purpose of this course is to analyze the critical factors, risks, and decisions that relate to both the short-term and long-term financial position of the firm in an internationalized setting and discuss strategies for dealing with these added complexities.

MKT 6330.0G1, Brand Management, by Abhi Biswas

This course will study the role and philosophy of brand management in the strategic marketing process and the resulting effects on strategic and marketing decisions.  Topics will include the strategic brand building process, segmentation and positioning for building brands, consumer behavior, brand information systems, building brand equity and the application of brand management using marketing principles.

Please see GMBA Fall 2009 Course Offering page for more information.


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