Spring 2011 Welcome Letter

Dear Student,

Welcome to the Spring 2011 semester at UT Dallas!  Thank you for enrolling in the online course(s) offered at the School of Management.  This email provides you the information to access your online course(s). All full term and 1st 8-week courses start on Monday, January 10th, 2011.  The 2nd 8-week courses will start on Monday, March 7th, 2011.  Students will be able to access the Spring 2011 online courses from the above dates. Your course(s) are located on eLearning. You will log on to your course(s) at: https://elearning.utdallas.edu.

UTD Online courses:

Full term courses: (AIM 6305.0G1/AIM 6305.0T1, AIM 6330.0G1, AIM 6332.0G1, AIM 6334 0G1, AIM 6337.0G1/MIS 6326.0G1, AIM 6338.0G1, AIM 6341.0G1, AIM 6343.0G1, AIM 6344.0G1, AIM 6345.0G1, AIM 6351.0G1, AIM 6352.0G1, AIM 6354.0G1, AIM 6370.0G1, BPS 6310.0G1, ENTP 6315.0G1/FIN 6315.0G1, ENTP 6378.0G1, ENTP 6380.0G1/MKT 6380.0G1, FIN 6301.0G1, FIN 6301.MED, FIN 6310.0G1, FIN 6320.0G1, IMS 6310.0G1, MECO 6303.0G1/MECO 6303.0T1, MECO 6303.MED/EC1, MIS 6308.0G1, MIS 6323.0G1, MIS 6330.0G1, MKT 6301.0G1, MKT 6322.0G1, MKT 6330.0G1, MKT 6336.0G1, OB 6301.0G1, OB 6331.0G1, OB 6332.EC1, OPRE 6301.0G1, OPRE 6302.0G1, OPRE 6366.0G1)

  •  1st 8-week courses: (AIM 6201.0G1, AIM 6201.EC1, AIM 6335.0G1, AIM 6335.0G3, AIM 6335.0G4, AIM 6335.P7D, IMS 6204.0G1, IMS 6204.MED)
  •  2nd 8-week courses: (AIM 6202.0G2, AIM 6335.0G2, AIM 6335.P8D, MIS 6204.0G1)

Course Access:

·         To get your login account for an eLearning course:

·         To access your eLearning course:

Before you can login to your UTD eLearning course(s), you need a valid UTD NetID and Password (which is assigned to you when you enroll at UTD).

  1. If you are a new student, please activate your UTD NetID and Password at: http://netid.utdallas.edu.

Please login at https://elearning.utdallas.edu 

Click the “Check Browser” button to validate your web browser for eLearning. Please see the notes about the Pop-Blockers and Java Security Certificate on the page.

  1. Click on “Academic”
  2. Click “Log In”
  3. Enter your UTD NetID and Password into the fields (case sensitive). Click the “OK” button.
  4. You will see a page showing a list of all courses that you are enrolled in. To enter a course, click the course title link and you will see the Course Content page.
  5. If you have any problems with your account and cannot login, contact the UTD Help Desk: http://www.utdallas.edu/ir/helpdesk/. You can email assist@utdallas.edu or call 972-883-2911. Please copy us at: som-elearning@utdallas.edu on your email request to the UTD Help Desk so we can be aware of your problem and assist if necessary.

What to do after entering your eLearning course:

  1. The first page you see when you enter your course is the Course Content page which contains several icons.
  2. The Course Menu on the left side lists all available tools and items.
  3. Please click on the “Getting Started” information for technical requirements and other important information.
  4. Please thoroughly read the course syllabus and then check all the areas in the course to become familiar with the features and contents of the course.
  5. Please introduce yourself on the course discussion board.
  6. You can click on the “Help” menu on each course page to access help information related to that page or tool.
  7. If you have any technical difficulties or need any assistance within the course site, please Contact eLearning Helpdesk: http://www.utdallas.edu/elearninghelp.


Textbooks and some other bookstore materials can be ordered online through Off-Campus Books: http://www.offcampusbooks.com/home.php  or the UTD Bookstore: http://www.utd.bkstr.com/. They may also be purchased at the UTD Bookstore and Off-Campus Books Bookstore.

UTD Library Access:

Students can access UTD library electronic resources remotely with the UTD-ID number. Please see the UTD library distance learning web page http://www.utdallas.edu/library/distlearn/disted.htm for information and services available to distance learning students.

Proctored Exam Information:

Some online courses require a proctored final examination. Please see the course syllabus to determine if your course is one of them. The Spring 2011 semester will include updated instructions for submitting Proctored Exam Forms which can be found at http://som.utdallas.edu/somResources/eLearning/eLearningCurrent/proctored.php   

SOM eLearning Blog Site:

A blog site is set up for posting important news and updates about eLearning, academic advising, and other information that pertains to online students. We encourage you to check this site regularly and post any comments you may have: http://gmba.wordpress.com/.

SOM eLearning Newsletter:

We recently sent out the Fall 2010 mid-semester SOM eLearning Newsletter through email. If you haven’t received it, please check it out here:


Important Links:

GMBA web site: http://som.utdallas.edu/onlinePrograms/globalMbaOnline/

AIM Online web site: http://som.utdallas.edu/academicAreas/accountingInfoMgmt/aimPrograms/aimOnline.php

ITM Online Website: http://som.utdallas.edu/academicAreas/isom/isPrograms/onlineCourses.php

Information page for students enrolled in online course:  http://som.utdallas.edu/somResources/eLearning/eLearningCurrent/eLearningEssential.php

Getting Started information for online courses: http://som.utdallas.edu/somResources/eLearning/eLearningCurrent/gettingStarted.php

To purchase textbooks online:  http://www.utd.bkstr.com/ or http://www.offcampusbooks.com/home.php

UTD NetID page:  http://netid.utdallas.edu

eLearning Login page: https://elearning.utdallas.edu 

UTD Galaxy Login: http://galaxy.utdallas.edu/

UTD Orion Login: http://www.utdallas.edu/orion/

SOM eLearning Blog: http://gmba.wordpress.com/

Technical Support:

eLearning Helpdesk: http://www.utdallas.edu/elearninghelp, 866-588-3192

UTD Help Desk: email: assist@utdallas.edu, 972-883-2911

Thank you and have a great semester!

SOM eLearning Team

School of Management

The University of Texas at Dallas


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