Summer 2012 eLearning Pilot courses

Below is a list of all courses that will be on the eLearning Pilot server for the Summer 2012 semester.

  • ACCT 3311.0U2
  • ACCT 3311.0U3
  • ACCT 4342.5U1
  • ATEC 2382.0U1
  • ATEC 2384.0U2
  • ATEC 3361.0U1
  • BA 3311.0U2
  • BA 3311.0U3
  • BA 3352.5E1
  • BA 3360.0U1
  • BA 3360.5U1
  • BA 4V90.016
  • BA 4V90.082
  • BA 4V90.F16
  • BA 4V90.F82
  • CLDP 3339.0U1
  • CS 3376.0I1
  • GEOS 5325.5U1
  • GISC 6325.5U1
  • MIS 6352.5U1
  • MIS 6V98.0U1
  • MIS 6V98.59M
  • OPRE 6301.5U1
  • PSY 3331.5U1
  • PSY 3339.0U1
  • SE 3376.0I1
  • SMED 5301.0I1

One Response to Summer 2012 eLearning Pilot courses

  1. Kaye Bellosillo says:

    I am currently enrolled in one of the online school associate degree in Accountancy. I want to finish a bachelors degree. Is it possible for me to enroll and finish with your online school? I am about to finish, but the online school I am enrolled does not offer bachelors degree in this field. I am a daughter of a missionary assigned to Africa and while we are here, I don’t want to stop studying. Thank you. Kaye

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