Fall 2014 Courses, Merge Course Requests, & Opening Courses Early

Fall 2014 Courses – Fall courses are now available in eLearning.  Students will begin to be loaded one month prior to the semester start.  Fall courses, however, will not become visible to students until the first day of class (August 25th).

Merge Course Requests – The ETS-eLearning Team is working to proactively merge all courses in eLearning that Orion has listed as cross-listed.  We have completed merging most of these cross-listed courses, and you should receive an email from me within the next week once these have been completed.  If you would like to combine multiple eLearning courses into one (i.e. if you are teaching multiple sections of the same course), please complete/submit a COURSE MERGE REQUEST FORM.  We strongly recommend that all course merge requests be submitted before the Fall 2014 semester begins.  Those submitted after the semester start can cause problems with grades and activity logs.

Opening an eLearning Course Early – If you are interested in making your Fall 2014 eLearning course available/accessible to your students prior to the first day of the semester, please complete/submit an ELEARNING COURSE EARLY ACCESS FORM.

PLEASE NOTE: Courses can be opened up to one month prior to the semester start.  So the earliest date for Fall 2014 courses to be opened is July 25th.

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