Quick Tech Tip: Organizing your Course List in eLearning (hide courses from previous terms)

We have been receiving quite a few request on how to remove old courses/organize your Course List in our eLearning ticketing system.

Those who have been with the university for a while, may have noticed that a previous course appears in the Course List in eLearning – easily indicated by its dark, italicized font. This indication means the course is no longer available to access. Although the eLearning system is very good at hiding these old courses from your Course List, occasionally one of these old courses may appear.


Here are a few steps to organize your Course List and hide those previous courses.

** Note: If you see a current term course that you have officially dropped and has been more than 24 hours since dropping it, please contact elearning@utdallas.edu and request to have the course removed from your Course List. Hiding the dropped course from your Course List will not remove you from the course. **

If you hover your mouse to the upper-right corner of the Course List module in eLearning, a ‘S’ icon will appear.



Click on the S icon to go into the Course List Module Settings. The easiest way to organize your Course List is by selecting the Group by Term option in the Settings’ page.


Selecting this option will display various types of terms you’re enrolled in your Course List. Simply uncheck any previous terms you wish not to appear in your Course List.


In this section, you have the option to organize the order of course terms (if you are enrolled in shorter term session) to appear on the Course List. Simply click and hold the particular term within the cl-5column and drag it to its new location.


** It is strongly discouraged to change any additional settings in the Course List Settings page. Any changes made below the Terms section may affect your ability to view and access your current courses. **


Once you are finish organizing your Course List, click Submit. This action will take you back to the eLearning homepage with the new changes made in the Course List.


Quick Tech Tip – Organizing your Course List in eLearning


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