Turning Point Cloud is official classroom polling software

We’d like to inform you of a change in Classroom Polling Software (commonly known as clickers). Starting Fall 2016, the existing software (Turning Point 5) will be replaced by a newer version called Turning Point Cloud. It is brought to you by the same vendor, Turning Technologies.

With the new software, you can continue to conduct polls as you have done in the past, and students can respond with clickers – that part will not change. What’s new is that you can now allow students to respond with mobile devices as well. It is the instructor’s decision whether or not to allow mobile devices in class; if you don’t allow it, students can stick to using clickers. The new software supports both options.

Before implementing Turning Point Cloud, we tested it in 5 face-to-face courses, over F15 and S16. We’d like to thank the instructors who volunteered to pilot the software in their classrooms. Polls were conducted in various buildings on campus and off campus. No issues were found with the wireless connectivity at any location. We asked students for their opinions and experiences, and responses were consistently positive. During the polling sessions we did find some technical issues, which were resolved. Many issues were preventable, and we have incorporated these into our training materials. We have resources and tutorials to make the process simple and effective, for both instructors and students.

There are 3 main changes, from the previous version :

  1. Dual Compatibility: You can conduct a poll and receive responses from mobile devices and clicker devices at the same time, and all results would seamlessly integrate into your session.
  2. Account Based System: Since this is a cloud based software, every user –instructor or student – has to create an account with the system. This is an additional step which was not required in the earlier version. But this enables instructors to monitor their students’ accounts, which is an improvement.
  3. Students need to purchase Turning License : Every student would need to purchase a Turning License, to activate their accounts. If you do not want them to use mobile devices, they will need to purchase the license + a clicker. Both these items  are available at the UTD Bookstore. We realize that many students may have previously purchased clickers at the UTD bookstore. The Bookstore will provide a limited number of free licenses on a first-come, first-served basis,  to students who have previously purchased a  clicker device from them.

If you would like to implement Turning Point Cloud for your Fall 2016 class, we are happy to assist. Please fill out the form below. We will contact you to provide training and student communications. We will also assist with upgrading the software, receivers, and integrating your class rosters with your account. And we will continue to support and troubleshoot issues through the semester as well.



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