Fall 2013 courses are now available to faculty in eLearning.  (PLEASE NOTE: Fall 2013 courses currently have the word “Unavailable” beside each course link.  This means that the courses are not available yet to students.  Faculty, however, are able to access them.  Fall courses will become available to students on August 26th.)

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New & Improved Functionality for Faculty – Learn More…

Please email elearning@utdallas.edu if you have any questions.


“My Discussions” tool now available in eLearning

The “My Discussions” module is now available for all users in eLearning. We’ve received feedback from many of you saying that faculty and students want to be able to quickly see which courses have unread discussion posts. Now, if you log into eLearning, on the My eLearning page (where you see the list of all of your courses) you will see a box (module) called “My Discussions”. This module will contain a list of any courses that have unread discussion board posts. Each course listed is clickable and takes you directly to the discussions area of that course so that you can very easily get to and read/respond to those posts.

Please let me know if you have any questions. As always, any feedback is very much appreciated.

Spring 2013 eLearning Faculty Training Schedule NOW AVAILABLE!

Registration is now open for training on the NEW eLearning! Register for a session at the url below.

Spring 2013 workshops include…
– Getting Started with eLearning
– Using the Grade Center in eLearning
– Enhancing Student Communication with eLearning
– Assessing Your Students Using Assignments in eLearning
– Assessing Your Students Using Tests and Surveys in eLearning
– Open Labs

Registration for Spring 2013 eLearning Workshops:

NEW eLearning Demo for Students

NEW eLearning Demo for Faculty

Spring 2013 Sections Now Available for Faculty in NEW eLearning

Spring 2013 courses are now available to instructors in the NEW (improved!) eLearning system.  You can access the NEW eLearning site by going to http://elearningpilot.utdallas.edu.

If your courses do not appear or if there is an issue with any of them, please contact us at eLearning@utdallas.edu and we will get it straightened out ASAP. Student enrollments will be correctly synchronized with Orion one week prior to the start of the semester.

Important Links

Training on NEW eLearning is available!

  • Sign up for a Getting Started workshop or attend an OPEN Lab session. More information here.
  • Visit the eLearning Faculty Forum & Resources area in the NEW eLearning to view video tutorials and support information.  Click here to access.
  • Let us know if you’d like a special NEW eLearning Demo and Q&A session set up for your group, area, or department.

Migrate content from an old course into your Spring 2013 course!

  • Click here if you need content from an old course moved into the NEW eLearning for your Spring 2013 class(es).
  • If you’ve already submitted a content migration request and you do not yet see your old content, we expect to finish all existing migration requests within the next week.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at eLearning@utdallas.edu – we are here to help!

Assignments – How to submit and how to view your grade (Student Video)