Spring 2018 Courses; Add TA/Other Users; Early Access

Spring 2018 Courses – Spring courses are now available to instructors in eLearning.  Students will be loaded one month prior to the semester start.  Spring courses, however, will not become visible to students until the first day of class (January 8th).


REMINDER: Adding Users to Your eLearning Course

Below are forms to have users added to your eLearning courses. We strongly recommend that all requests be submitted before the Spring 2018 semester begins.


INSTRUCTIONS: How to Add a TA to your eLearning Course

– Request submitted by the Instructor-Of-Record via Orion

– TA must have already completed FERPA training to be added your eLearning course.

FORM: Add a User (Other than a TA) to Your eLearning Course

– submitted by the Instructor-of-Record or Department Head
– requires justification

– will be submitted to Registrar for consideration for approval


Merged Courses

– Courses that are combined in Orion will be automatically merged in eLearning by December 8th.

– The Merge Course Tool is not yet available for Spring 2018 courses.  The LMS Tech group will turn on the tool for S18 courses by December 8th.


Opening an eLearning Course Early – If you are interested in making your Spring 2018 eLearning course available/accessible to your students prior to the first day of the semester, please complete/submit an ELEARNING COURSE EARLY ACCESS FORM.
PLEASE NOTE: Courses can be opened up to one month prior to the semester start.  So the earliest date for courses to be opened is December 8th.   


UPDATE: Fall 2017 Courses

We are receiving reports from faculty who are unable to see their F17 courses. The LMS Tech group knows of the issue and is working to fix this as quickly as possible. I apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for your patience.

Merge Course Tool available & Early Student Access for U17 courses


The Merge Course Tool is now available in eLearning. Faculty can use this tool to merge their U17 courses. Courses that are officially cross-listed in Orion will be automatically merged on Tuesday, March 9.

TUTORIAL: How to use the Merge Course Tool



Courses will automatically become available to students the morning of the first day of the semester (May 30). If you would like your students to access your course before the first day of class, please complete the eLearning Early Course Access Form.

REMINDER: Adding TAs in eLearning

If you need to add a TA in eLearning, you must use Orion to officially add them to your course.  Below are instructions on how to do this.



  • This process is only for adding graduate Teaching Assistants.
  • To add any other type of user – including undergraduate teaching assistants – please use the Add User form, linked to below.


INSTRUCTIONS: How to Add Graduate TA to eLearing Course


ALL OTHER USERS (including undergrad teaching assistants): Add User form

eLearning Due Dates

The most recent update to eLearning has introduced a bug which can potentially display incorrect due dates in the Daily Notification email update students receive nightly, as well as in the “To Do” and “What’s New” modules in the My eLearning tab. This bug will be fixed in the next eLearning update, which is currently scheduled to be applied over the winter break.

Students should refer to the course syllabus for the correct due date information. Students can also see the correct due date from within the assignment itself.


Please contact elearning@utdallas.edu if you have any questions.

File upload issue

Last night, users reported being unable to upload files to eLearning. To troubleshoot this issue, Blackboard performed an emergency maintenance on the system between 2 – 5 am this morning.

However, it seems the issue still persists. We are looking into it, and we will let you know once it is fixed.

Thank you for your patience, and sorry about the inconvenience.

Accessing previous term courses

Students are able to access semester courses until the day before the next semester. (e.g. –  Spring 2015 courses were available until May 26 — the day before the Summer semester started.) If a student needs access to a course from the previous semester, the course Instructor must submit the request for the student’s temporary access. Requests must be sent (by the Instructor) to elearning@utdallas.edu.