Qualtrics Outage YESTERDAY (01/13/16) – 10:33 AM to 11:15 AM CST

Qualtrics has informed us of an unexpected outage on one of their primary data centers. This happened yesterday 01/13/2016, from 10:33 AM to 11:15 AM CST. During the outage, users may have experienced errors while working on surveys. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. The service is now fully restored.

eLearning Outage Scheduled – Saturday, January 2 (2-5am CST)

eLearning will be UNAVAILABLE on Saturday, January 2, from 2-5am CST (early morning) in order to apply updates to the eLearning server. During this time, eLearning will not be accessible. If you have any questions, please contact elearning@utdallas.edu. Thanks.

Turnitin Service Alert

Turnitin (anti-plagiarism) reported an unexpected outage last night, from 10:38 PM until 12:52 AM. During this time window, Turnitin assignments would not have been available in eLearning. The service has now returned to normal.

Echo 360 server will be unavailable Sunday 11/22/15, from 7:00 AM to 12 NOON CST

Echo 360 services will be shut down for an equipment upgrade, on Sunday 11/22/15, from 7:00 AM  to 12 NOON CST. During this time window, saved lectures will not be accessible.

RE: eLearning Server Problems

Service has been restored to eLearning. Blackboard was able to quickly reboot the server to restore service. They are now working to determine the cause of the problem.  Thank you for your patience.

eLearning Server Problems

We are receiving reports of users who are unable to access eLearning. We have contacted Blackboard, and they working to restore the service ASAP.

RESOLVED – Qualtrics server down

Qualtrics is now accessible, and you should no longer experience any issues.


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